Pub Industry Failing--I don't think so!

The turmoil in the publishing industry has many authors and aspiring writers in a panic. There is talk that the industry is going down, that the novel is an endangered species. Don't put down your pencil or close your laptop just yet folks. Now is not the time to give up on your dreams of being published or publishing more books.

The publishing industry is not like the dinosaur, it is more like the alligators. No matter what history has thrown at it, forbidding the written language, book burning, or book banning, it has survived. With each new major form of entertainment that has emerged, radio, motion pictures, and even television, it has survived. The Internet won't be any different. It won't wipe out the written word, it embraces it and nurtures it. Will it change the way we do things, the way we read things? Yes of course. It already has. But it won't stop people from reading, in fact it's doing the opposite.

Nothing history has thrown at the publishing industry has been able to destroy it before. People want to write and read. Since the beginning of language storytelling has been ingrained into our lives. How we do it may change, but the fact that we do it, will not. The publishing industry is like a phoenix. No matter what happens, it will rise from the ashes. It will survive.

See what super-agent Nathan Bransford has to say on the subject:
And LitDrift, an excellent source for all things literary:


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