Twitter Tuesday~Chuck Sambuchino

I found Chuck Sambuchino when I did a search for people using my name on Twitter. I like to do that occasionally to see what comes up. If you've never done it, try it, you'll be surprised! Chuck was asking others if they knew how to get a hold of me. I then noticed he was a new follower of mine. Knowing that Chuck is the editor of Guide To Literary Agents and curious as to what he could want, I was quick to follow him back and direct message him.

Chuck was looking for me so he could ask me to do a guest post on his blog for his column How I Got My Agent. I wrote the article and he posted it last month. During the process I discovered Chuck is a really nice guy who's very dedicated to helping new authors. If you've never checked out Chuck's blog you don't know what you're missing. Writers aspiring to become published authors will greatly benefit from his wisdom and advice. Chuck spotlights new authors, new agents, and blogs all kinds of great advice. The best part about it is he uses guest bloggers all the time. Check out Chuck's fabulous blog here: 
And find him on Twitter here (priceless tweets for writers): 
And here's my guest article on his blog:


  1. I am a HUGE fan of Chuck! I also saw your "How I Got My Agent" post. :-)

  2. Chuck is fantastic isn't he? I love his dedication to helping new authors!

  3. Love chuck, he always has super great posts that are really informative.

    P.S. How do you do a Google search of people searching your name. I know of Google alerts. Is that what your talking about?

  4. Hi Lindsey, what I did was a Twitter search. If you open the Twitter search page and put in say @HeatherMcCorkle (my Twitter tag) it will show anyone who has replied to or mentioned that person! Very cool little tool they have!


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