Your Novel's Climax

Today, on our final day at the writer's workshop, we worked on the climax of our novels. Before this workshop I thought my novel was pretty solid and I thought my climax was in great shape. Now I know differently.

The climax is where all plot points converge and your characters complete their arcs if they haven't already. Its the big finale, though it can~and often is~followed by a wrap up chapter or two. This is the point that the catalyst inevitably led up to.

In my climax I realized I hadn't quite completed one of my character arcs as much as I had planned. Reading it aloud to the ladies and getting their feedback really helped me realize that. It also helped me see how I was slowing down the action with internal monologue (character's thinking) a little too much. Both the act of reading it aloud and the feedback helped me see this. I never used to be a believer in reading aloud my manuscript but now I definitely am. If you've never done it you should really try it. You'll be amazed at what you catch!

Above is my fabulous critique group, the Scribe Sisters. From the left: Jule Rowland, Heather McCorkle, Karlene Petitt, and Linda Gray. Look for our group blog to launch soon! I'll be announcing it here!


  1. Good post! I definitly learn more from your blog and hopefully even more from your group blog. Thanks!

  2. You're very welcome Fida! I'm glad my blog has helped you and I hope you'll love our group blog just as much :)

  3. This has been a great experience and I feel so fortunate to know, and work with you. The climax was great today... as was working our last chapters. Looking forward to Jamaica...or wherever we end up. :) (Seattle in July)

  4. It really has been great. I'm so glad I got the chance to work with you again too Karlene! The four of us are the dream team, without a doubt! Critique groups rock, I'm a believer now! Watch out Jamaica ;)


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