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For my new followers, Twitter Tuesday is a special feature I do on people I've found through Twitter that are great to follow. Kerrie Flanagan and I met during a Twitter chat in which the subject of writer's conferences came up and we've been following each other since. Kerrie is encouraging and supportive and always tweets great links that are helpful to writers, and she's a very sweet lady. She also made me aware of the Northern Colorado Writer's Conference. Kerrie is not only freelance writer but also the director of that conference.

Any writer who has looked knows just how hard it is to find a good, reputable writer's conference that is worth your time and money. This is a conference filled with some of the top agents in the industry, editors and award winning authors, oh yeah, and it's in the beautiful state or Colorado! I haven't been to it yet but it will definitely be on my list of potential conferences to attend next year.

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  1. Good to "meet" Kerrie! The conference looks fabulous, and I adore Colorado.

    By the way, I was in the bookstore the other day and saw "Spells," by Aprilynne Pike and I had to pick up a copy. So excited to read it! (A little reward when I finish my freelance stuff.) Thanks for the book recommendation!

  2. I know exactly what you mean Portia, I'd love to go to Colorado and I've been looking for a conference to attend there. This one sounds perfect! Since I've gotten to know Kerrie a bit on Twitter I'm even more convinced that the conference will be great!

  3. Thanks for sharing Heather! I'll be sure to follow Kerri next time I'm on Twitter, she sounds like a fun tweeple to check out! *g*

  4. Thank you Heather for introducing Kerrie! I am following her and looking forward to it! What an outstanding woman!


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