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Today's Tuesday shoot out is a writer (of course) and so much more. Nikki Katz is not just a represented writer and mom but also a rocket scientist, yep, for real. She just received an offer of representation for her young adult urban fantasy novel currently titled Shoreline. Nikki has also been a freelance writer for over ten years! With this lady's dedication to the craft I have no doubt we'll soon be celebrating a book deal with her.

Nikki and I started following each other after a Twitter chat a while back. She isn't the type to ramble on aimlessly and fill up your Twitter page with miscellaneous stuff and I love that about her. Whenever she does tweet I know it's about something I'm going to have to read. Don't worry, she's far from boring though! Nikki is always quick to share writing advice and experience and share her successes and failures. If you're looking for someone to truly connect with you've got to check her out.

You can find Nikki on Twitter here:

And check out her blog & site here:


  1. She sounds fascinating. I'm off to find out more about her. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. You'll love her Alissa! She's a lot of fun and a very sweet lady.

  3. Cool! I found two new blogs to follow at once! It's like striking gold! Yay!

  4. Aw thanks Carolina, how very sweet of you!

  5. Nikki seems really cool. I'd already read some of her story off of Nathan Bransford's blog, and it's definitely an interesting read. Props to her!!

  6. Wow, how do you find these amazing people? :-)

  7. Wow Olleymae, I didn't even know Nikki had a story on Nathan's blog! I'll have to run over and check it out! Thanks for the tip!

    Portia, it's all about Twitter. Twitter is the place to be for authors! I've met the most amazing people there, case in point. ;)

  8. Thanks everyone :)

    Heather - I was one of the "contestants" on Nathan's "Agent for a Day". It was an interesting experiment - I came in 4th (out of 5) for my query (as far as votes) but 2nd (but now I think 1st) for my first 30 pages!

    A pretty big discrepancy, and I raced to go revise my query. Of course, I got my offer a week later - based on the "bad" query, so go figure :) It definitely is a subjective industry.

  9. LOL! You've got to laugh at this industry. You're so right, it's completely subjective. I think it's not necessarily about the perfect query but about the right agent who sees the potential of the story and writer behind the query. Which you found! Hooray!


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