Monday's Muse~Internal & External Threats

This brown bear helped inspire me last week and reminded me that not all threats are as obvious as they seem. In the case of this chapter is isn't the physical threat my main character needs to worry about but the emotional one that arises after the situation. I love working external threats into internal threats and really putting my characters to the test. This main character is turning out to be my favorite so far, but don't tell the others! Oh yeah, and I entered Trouble With The Dragon Empire into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest last night. Wish me fabulous luck! I'm going to need it with all the great competition.

I'm still reading Rampant because I'm just that slow of a reader when I'm working on a new novel. Don't take my slow reading as a reflection on how Rampant is though. It is a unique story that keeps you moving along and I'm really enjoying it. Many days I've had to leave it in another room so I wouldn't pick it up and sneak a few pages in between writing.

As my novel is growing more intense I'm finding myself listening to a lot of the Braveheart soundtrack. If you've never heard it you really need to. It's my go to soundtrack music for intense writing situations. Last week's song was Attack On Murron. What inspired you last week? And have you ever worked external threats together with internal threats in your manuscript?


  1. It's a wonderful moment when an internal threat crosses with an external one. And good luck on your submission!! Very exciting.

  2. I love that about turning the character's external threats into internal ones, Heather, and can totally see the bear as the embodiment of that process. Lumbering along, looking fine and even cuddly as long as she stays far away, but when she comes close, oh, so dangerous!

  3. Hi, Heather,

    CONGRATS! I am so happy you entered last night with me and a few fanatical others. I had to get it over with. Today I haven't written one word except in blogs... how fun is that!

    I figured I'd shock you with my songs.... Most of them are from a very happy part of my life when I modeled in NY.

    OOOOh lets get their together! I miss home. I love NY. I hope to move back in the next few years.

    As for internal threats. Oh, yes. My poor MC in riddled with them. He never know his father's going to strike next. He's a disturbed Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde Marine Corp Captain.... Poor Aidan.

    Good luck in ABNA ... Let's all get through the Pitch round.


  4. Lisa, so true, it's like everything coming together in your work! Thanks for the good luck!

    Linda, thanks I'm glad you liked the concept! It struck me when I saw the bear and realized what the chapter was really all about.

    Michael, yes I can see it now. We'll both be finalists! ;)

  5. I'm at a place in my wip where I'm dealing with external threats, which usually works hand in hand with internal ones, but I think external threats are harder to pull off.

    All the best with your breakthrough novel entry-I hope you win!

  6. I love brown bears! And I love Braveheart - the music is so wonderful. I'm also a big fan of conflict and threat. Hm. Everything seems good right now. Must be the wine.

  7. Poor Alexis is going through all kinds of problems right now with external threats creating an internal roller coaster. And it's just getting started.

    Good luck with ABNA!!! You'll definitely let us know when it's time to vote, right?

  8. Elle, I have to agree with you on the external ones. Those always seem to be my chapters that take a while. Thank you so much for your wonderful wishes on my entry!

    Talli, pour me a glass of whatever you're having dear! LOL!

    Kristie, wow talking about starting with a bang! Thank you for the good luck. You bet I'll let you know when the time comes to vote! Thanks sweety.

  9. I wish you luck with the contest!! And keep me posted :D
    I would talk about my inspirations about internal/external threats, but I'm embarrassed to say I haven't written anything these last few days :(

  10. Good luck with your novel! :)

    My characters deal with a lot of external threats, but there are some internal ones as well.

  11. Good luck, Heather. I simply couldn't enter. I never win things, so I'm not going to put myself through it. But best of luck to everyone who did.

  12. Good luck on ABNA!! I don't think I have ever had a character that had to deal with both an external and internal threat at the same time.I guess I assumed that they were slightly the same thing. But I'm learning more and more everyday. :)

  13. Monica, oh no, no writing lately! You poor thing I'd be going insane. Here's hoping your muse visits you! Thanks a bunch for the good luck!

    Golen Eagle, thank you!

  14. Lorelei, I'm sorry to hear you didn't enter but I know you have a full plat with your book release, which I hope is going fabulous! Thanks for the good luck!

    Saba, thank you so much! That's the best part about the writing community, we share and learn each day!

  15. I'm so glad I happened upon your blog, I had no idea Amazon was having a contest! I've been dragging my feet doing revisions on my manuscript but now I'm motivated to get my butt in gear!

    Good luck!

  16. Gina, I'm glad you did too! I hope you get your entry in so I can cheer you on. Thank you so much for following too!

  17. My external threats usually tie into my internal ones.

    Good luck on the contest. I almost entered, but was too lazy to write the pitch. It was the non-query part that had me shaking my head.

  18. That’s great news about the contest!!! You know my fingers are crossed for you! Also good to hear that the writing is coming along so well and that you’re reading a wonderful book too. So much good stuff going on!

  19. Stina, me too on the threats. I've found it adds a lot of depth to the story that way. Bummer that you didn't enter ABNA. If I don't win I hope one of my friends does!

    Lindsey, thanks on all counts! Things are going great right now and 2011 seems to be off to a good start! I hope it's the same for you!


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