2011 Debut Authors~The Elevensies

Last month I did a feature on the Class of 2K11 which is a group of debut authors. Continuing in that thread, I'd like to introduce you to the Elevesies, which is another group of young adult and middle grade authors debuting in 2011. Middle grade titles are in gray, YA title are in black and green (green for sci-fi/fantasy) My friends are all bold because hey, a girl has to support her friends ;) Here they are:
Warped a YA fantasy by Maurissa Guibord in January.
XVI a YA dystopian by Julia Karr in January.
Dogsled Dreams a MG novel by Terry Johnson in January.
Across The Universe a YA sci-fi by Beth Revis in January.
Vesper, A Deviant's Novel a YA paranormal by Jeff Sampson in January.
The Trouble With Half a Moon a MG novel by Danette Vigilante in January.
The Iron Witch a YA urban fantasy by Karen Mahoney in February.
The Map Of Me a MG novel by Tami Brown in February.
Haven a YA paranormal by Kristi Cook  in February.
Possum Summer a MG novel by Jen K Blom in March.
The End Of The Line a YA novel by Angela Ceritto  in March.
Clarity a YA paranormal by Kim Harrington  in March.
Like Mandarin a YA novel by Kirsten Hubbard  in March.
The Liar Society a YA novel by Sara & Laura Roecker in March. 
Shades of Gray a YA novel by Ruta Sepetys in March.
Enclave a YA dystopian by Ann Aguirre  in April.
The Year We Were Famous a YA novel by Carol Dagg  in April.
Kat, Incorrigable a MG novel by Stephanie Burgis  in April.
The Lipstick Laws a YA novel by Amy Holder in April.
Popular a YA novel by Alissa Grosso in May.
The Sweetest Thing a YA novel by Christina Mandelski in May.
Girl Wonder a YA novel by Alexa Martin in May.
Divergent a YA dystopian by Veronica Roth in May.
Aliens On Vacation a YA sci-fi by Clete Smith in May.
The Rotten Adventures of Zachary Ruthless a MG novel by Allan Woodrow in May.
How Lamar's Bad Prank Won a Bubba-Sized Trophy a MG novel by Crystal Allen in Spring. 
Flawless a YA novel by Laurie Chapman in Spring.
Momento Nora a MG sci-fi by Angie Smibert in Spring.
 The Gathering Storm a YA paranormal Robin Bridges in Summer.
Blood Magic a YA urban fantasy by Tessa Graten in Summer.
Wildefire a YA urban fantasy by Karsten Knight in Summer.
Luminous a YA paranormal by Dawn Metcalf in Summer.
My Soul To Reap a YA paranormal by Courtney Moulton in Summer.
The Pull Of Gravity a YA novel by Gae Polisner in Summer.
Sirenz a YA paranormal by Natalie Zaman & Charlotte Bennardo in Summer.
Possession a YA dystopian by Elana Johnson in June.
OyMG a YA novel by Amy Dominy in June.
The Revenant a YA paranormal by Sonia Gensler in June.
Hereafter a YA paranormal by Tera Hudson in June.
Moonglass a YA novel by Jessi Kirby in June.
Dead Rules a YA paranormal by Randy Russell in June.
Bad Taste In Boys a YA paranormal by Carrie Harris in July.
Bestest Ramadan Ever a YA novel by Medeia Sharif in July.
Vanished a YA novel by Sheela Chari in August.
Charlie Joe Jackson... a MG novel by Tommy Greenwald in August.
The Near Witch a YA paranormal by Victoria Schwab in August.
A Beautiful Dark a novel by Jocelyn Davies in Summer.
Breath Of An Angel a YA fantasy by Karyn Henley in Summer.
Witch Eyes a YA fantasy by Scott Tracey in Summer.
Bell Jar Summer a YA novel by Arlaina Tibensky in Summer.
The Princess & The Godstone a YA fantasy novel by Rae Carson in Fall.
Virtuosity a YA novel by Jessica Martinez in Fall.
Flyaway a YA novel by Helen Landalf in Fall.
With A Name Like Love a MG novel by Tess Hilmo in Fall.
My Unfairtytale Life a MG fantasy by Anna Staniszewski in Fall.
Mercy Lily a YA contemporary by Lisa Albert in October.
The Circle Cast a YA fantasy by Alex Epstein in October.
Audition a YA novel by Stasia Kehoe in Summer.
Dearly, Departed a YA steampunk by Lia Habel  in October.
The Faerie Ring a YA fantasy by Kiki Hamilton in October.
Anna Dressed In Blood a YA paranormal by Kendare Blake in September.
May B. a YA novel by Caroline Rose in September.
Rival a YA novel by Sarah Bennett Wealer in Winter.
Unearthly a YA paranormal by Cynthia Hand in Winter.
Illegal a YA novel by Bettina Restrepo in Winter.
Other Words For Love a YA novel by Lorraine Rosenthal in Winter.
So Shelly a YA novel by Ty Roth in Winter.
The Fourth Stall a MG novel by Chris Rylander in Winter.
Something Like Hope a YA novel by Shawn Goodman in December.
Teenie a YA novel by Christopher Grant in December.
Fetching a MG novel by Kiera Stewart in December.
Delany Collins, F.G. a YA urban fantasy by Kathy McCullough in 2011.

That is quite the list but I'm sure I know there are others out there who are debuting this year and may not be part of the Elevensies. If you know of any leave me a link and I'll be sure to add them. Congratulations to everyone who is debuting this year and best of luck!


  1. Wow, that is an amazing list, and so inspiring. Congratulations to the Elevenses!

  2. I see quite a few titles on the list that I want to read and a few that I haven't heard of but I'll check out now. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Linda, it really is!

    Melissa, that's great! You're welcome. :)

  4. Fantastic list! So many of these sound wonderful. And inspiring for those of us still trying to make that debut list! Thanks for sharing ~ :)

  5. Wow. Fantastic list! I *hope* to be on the 2012 list...

  6. Heather this is quite a list and so very empowering. I am so happy for all those new authors and now I have my YA reading list, too. Thank you for posting this wonderful list and honoring the great writers who are educating, entertaining and building the future of our world. Your name will soon be added.

  7. Donea, you're welcome! They really do sound great. It will be an excellent year for YA/MG novels!

    Candyland, I hope you are too! I would love to be but I'm still working on finding my agent so I know 2013 is more practical for me. And how cool would that be?!

    Karlene, thank you for your sweet words, both for me and those debuting!

  8. Wow! That's quite a list! I can see this post being open in my browser for a long time as I check all of these links out!

    Can I be cheeky and leave a link for mine as per your instructions at the end?

    20 Years Later - YA Dystopian by EJ Newman (www.enewman.co.uk)

    The e-book is released on May 5th 2011 and the hardback is released on July 5th 2011

    Squee! Thanks, Em x

  9. Emma, of course you can! Congratulations!

  10. Holy cow! This must've taken you FOREVER to put together! You are too awesome, Heather. TOO AWESOME!

  11. Elana, I must admit, it did take a little while. I'm happy to do anything I can to help you peeps out!

  12. This has to be one of the strongest debut years in ages! :-)

  13. What a great list of debut authors! Looks like some good reading will be going on this year.

  14. Shannon, I know! That's what I was thinking when I put this post together. It is an impressive list!

    Karen, that's for sure! I'm excited to get my hands on a lot of these books.

  15. OMG, what an amazing list. Gotta admit that I am unbelievably thrilled to see my name on it :) Thanks for putting this together, Heather. (Ooh, a little rhyme there!)

  16. OMG cut it out woman!! My wallet is having death throws as we speak. I can't wait!!!

  17. Stasia, congratulations on the release of AUDITION this year! I'll be looking for it! You're welcome, and thank you for following. :)

    Lisa, LOL! I know huh? Well at least I won't be alone in the bookstore check out line!

  18. YAY! So many books to read this year ;)
    And Gretchen McNeil debuts this fall with Possess.

  19. Monica, I know isn't it great?! Thanks for the heads up on POSSESS.

    Lindsey, it really is! I haven't seen a debut list like this in a long time.

  20. Wow, so many names I recognized and didn't realize they have books coming out this year.

    Heather, maybe you and I can be on the 2013 list together. :D

  21. Wouldn't that be great Stina?! My fingers are crossed that it comes to be. ;)

  22. Perhaps you and Stina can sit next to one another at a book signing event? Wouldn't that be great? Here's wishing us all publication success! Roland

  23. Great list! Wow, so many good things to read this year!

  24. Damn, that's a lot of linkage, it must have taken a LONG time to put this together...and all color coordinated, too.
    You're so organized, Heather. :)
    (is you closet in perfect order? I'm betting yes.) (I'm green with envy.)

    Thanks for being you and being supportive of fellow writers. *hugs*
    (you know this post earns you an extra entry in my contest, right?)


  25. Oh, also, I don't see Lauren's 'Wither' (I don't know how to italicize in comments. *blushes*)
    (A book I'm greatly looking forward to reading.)

  26. Roland, that would be awesome! It would be even better if you were at the table with us!

    Lydia, I know huh?! I'm going to be busy reading!

    Lola, you're so sweet, thank you! WITHER, got it! Thanks!

  27. A fantastic list!

    Good luck to all the authors.

    Heather thanks so much for taking the time to inform us.


  28. Wow! Fantastic list - so many great books. Congrats, everyone!

  29. Michael, you're welcome! You'll have to let me know if you pick any of their books up.

    Talli, it really is! And yes, congrats to everyone!

  30. What a great list! Thanks. It makes it so easy to find everything. You're the sweetest Heather, truly.

  31. Wow, you have a lot of friends with books coming out!

  32. June, you're welcome! I'm glad it helps.

    Elle, I do and I'm so excited for them!!!

  33. Wow, that is QUITE a list!! Thanks for posting... I'll never keep up with all these. Ha. So exciting, though! :)

  34. Oh. My. Goodness. I can hear my bank account crying, but happy tears of course =) Thank you for posting this awesome list! It's an amazing year for YA.

  35. WOW, thanks so much for putting this together! So fun to see my YA up there on the Elevensies debut list!!

    FYI: I'm doing a book giveaway each month until release day! Over on my LiveJournal.

  36. Krissi, I know its an amazing list isn't it? I need to add you to it!

  37. Courtney, I know! My pocket book hurts just looking at it, but in a good workout kind of way! ;)

    Lisa, congratulations on your novel! And thanks for the heads up on the a mazing giveaways you're doing! Best of luck!

  38. Holy crap!!! Look at this gorgeous list. Thank you for putting this together. You totally rock! The karma train is coming for you, I can feel it.


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