The Gatekeeper Discovery Writer's Award

Thanks to the tweet of one of the fabulous editors at Simon Pulse, Anica Rissi, I discovered The Gatekeeper Discovery Writers Award. It is a contest for young adult writers with a $500 prize. But that isn't the real prize. Getting read by the fantastic board of judges is! Check out who is on the board:

Barbara Lalicki (SVP and Editorial Director at HarperCollins Childrens)
Anne Schwartz (VP & Publisher of Schwartz & Wade Books/Random House)
Alvina Ling (Executive Editor, Little, Brown)
Karen Lotz (President & Publisher, Candlewick Press)
Selena James (Executive Editor, Dafina Books)
Anica Rissi (Executive Editor · Simon Pulse)
Sarah Shumway (Senior Editor Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins)
Jean Feiwel (Senior VP and Director, Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group)
Jennifer Klonsky (Editorial Director, Simon Pulse)
Claudia Gabel (Senior Editor at Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins)
Evette Porter (Editor, Kimani Tru / Harlequin)
Andrew Karre (Editorial Director, Carolrhoda Books)
Sarah Barley (Associate Editor, HarperCollins Children’s)
Kendra Levin (Associate Editor, Viking Books)
Nancy Mercado (Executive Editor, Roaring Brook Press)
Brendan Deneen (Editor, Thomas Dunne Books)
Nancy Conescu (Executive Editor, Dutton Children’s)
Jill Santopolo (Executive Editor, Philomel Books/Penguin)
Greg Ferguson (Editor, Egmont)
Melissa Frain – (Associate Editor, Tor/Forge/Starscape/Tor Teen)

Tina Wexler (Literary Agent, ICM Talent)
Sara Megibow (Literary Agent, Nelson Agency)
Caryn Wiseman (Literary Agent, Andrea Brown Literary)
Jenny Bent (Literary Agent, The Bent Agency)
Ann Behar – (Literary Agent, Scovil Galen Literary)
Brenda Bowen (Literary Agent, Sanford J. Greenburger)
Jen Rofe (Literary Agent, Andrea Brown)
Stephen Fraser (Literary Agent, Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency)
Suzie Townsend (Literary Agent, FinePrint Literary Management)
Jessica Sinsheimer (Literary Agent, Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency)
Alyssa Eisner Henkin (Literary Agent,Trident Media Group)
Andrea Somberg (Literary Agent, Harvey Klinger Inc.)
Stephen Barbara (Literary Agent,Foundry Literary + Media)
Tamar Rydzinski (Literary Agent, Laura Dail Literary Agency)
Irene Kraas (Literary Agent, Kraas Literary Agency)
Sara Crowe (Literary Agent, Harvey Klinger Inc.)
Elana Roth (Literary Agent,Johnson Literary)
Mary Kole (Literary Agent, Andrea Brown Literary Agency)
Jamie Weiss Chilton (Literary Agent, Andrea Brown Literary)
Amy Tipton (Literary Agent, Signature Literary)
Kevan Lyon (Literary Agent, Marsal Lyon Literary)
Leticia Gomez (Literary Agent, Savvy Literary)
Laurie McLean (Literary Agent, Agents Savant)
Jodie Rhodes (Literary Agent, Jodie Rhodes Literary)
Christina Hogrebe (Literary Agent, Janet Rotrosen Agency)
Helen Breitwieser (Literary Agent, Cornerstone Literary)
Mark W. McVeigh (Literary Agent, The McVeigh Agency)
Catherine Drayton (Literary Agent, Inkwell Management)
Lydia Willis (Literary Agent)
Jessica Regel (Literary Agent, JVNLA)
Madeline Buston (Literary Agent, Darley Anderson)
Faye Bender – (Literary Agent, Bender Literary)
Alexandra Machinist – (Literary Agent, Linda Chester Literary Agency)
Chris Richman – (Literary Agent, Upstart Crow Literary)
Wendy Schmalz – (Literary Agent, Schmalz Agency)

If you have a completed young adult manuscript drop by Wattpad and register to put your entry in. Or just drop by and read the fantastic entries. Mine is here. If you enjoy it I'd love your vote! You can both 'like' it (Facebook) and vote but only the votes count toward getting the entry in the finals. You don't have to register at Wattpad, you can log in with a Facebook account or a Twitter account to cast your votes. Best of luck to everyone who enters! Hurry the deadline is March 30th.


  1. sounds like a great contest, Heather. Excellent info!

  2. Holy schmokes. That's a huge line-up of judges!!!! AHHHHH! Must take guts to enter. Kudos, my friend. I'll be sure to stop by and check it out. Thanks for the link!!

  3. Linda, I wish you could enter! If it's successful perhaps they'll do one for adult genres.

    Carolina, it is impressive and daunting isn't it?! Now I'm nervous knowing you'll be reading my exerpt. LOL!

  4. What an amazing group of judges! And I've sent queries to many of those agents in the past. Awesome contest, Heather. Good luck!

  5. That's an insane amount of amazing judges!! Wow. Go for it!!

  6. Roxy, it really is! Thank you for the good luck!

    Lisa, I know right?! Thanks, I'm going for it!

  7. Whoa, just look at those judges! Eeek! I don't write YA, but good luck to everyone who does!

  8. Blogger hates me. I tried to comment, and it lost my gem of wisdom, including Gypsy's contribution, yet.

    At that, she clenched her upraised paw, screeching, "Khan, Khan, Khaaaaaaaan!"

    I told her she did a great Shatner, and she was appeased. LOL.

    I hyperventilated just looking at the names of the judges. I suck at getting votes, though. Gypsy votes for me, of course. But since she uses my computer, it doesn't count. Sigh. I wish you much luck, Roland

  9. Talli, it is quite the list isn't it?! Thanks for the good luck!

    Golden Eagle, it really is!

    Roland, LOL! Yes, she does do a great Shatner impression. ;) And hey, I'd vote for you!

  10. I love the entry, I really love it! If I could I'd keep on reading it!

    Great job and good luck!

  11. Thank you so much Fida! I'm completely flattered, that is so sweet of you! :-)

  12. Holy cow, that's quite a list of judges. I just read your entry and voted. Nice job, Heather!

  13. What an amazing board of judges! Good luck! :)

  14. Julie, thank you so much! I'm touched that you liked it and honored that you voted for it!

    Dawn, it is an amazing list isn't it?! Thank you for the good luck!

  15. yay! super information and best of luck to you,heather!!! christy

  16. Wow! Sounds like a great contest, Heather! I'm off to read your entry.

  17. Wow, Heather, great find. I'll look at it for sure (and maybe enter??). Thanks!!

  18. Christy, thank you! I hope to see your entry among the others!

    Alissa, it does sound pretty amazing! Thank you so much for reading.

    Erica, you should! I'll be looking for your entry too!

  19. Heather. I voted. Now I'm tweeting again. Your entry is incredible!!!

  20. Wow, Heather,

    This is awesome. I definitely will look into entering. What a fantastic group of judges....

    Good luck.


  21. Karlene, thank you so much! I'm touched that you liked it that much!

    Michael, you should enter! It could possibly get you read by all the right people!

  22. I was kind of nervous entering since it seems more like a popularity contest in the beginning than anything else.

    I voted for yours, Heather, without reading it (but I already figured it would be great). I'm sure that's how so many others get the votes, too. So those who make it to the next round, might not be the best of the best. And those who are left behind, might have really rocked. ;)

  23. Hoping the best for you, Heather!

  24. Stina, I know exactly what you mean. I don't like that it's a popularity thing at first either. But we'll ban together and support each other so hopefully none of us are left behind!

    Elle, thank you so much!

  25. I finally figured out how to read all the entries (not that I did). You're doing much better than the majority in terms of votes. I read one with tons of votes. It's good, but it's very cliched. Hmmm. Definitely a popularity vote. It's obvious most people voted without reading the other entries.

  26. Stina, the contest definitely isn't without its faults. I hope I can make it through to the judge reading round at least! I hope you enjoyed my story!

  27. Heather, I entered mine. I really appreciate that you shared this info. I posted a link to your blog and your entry on my sidebar along with mine. If you'd like me to remove it, let me know. I just wanted to say "thanks" because if you hadn't posted this I wouldn't have known anything about it. I'm not sure I understand how the whole thing works at wattpad, but hopefully people will read it and give me feedback! Christy

  28. Christy, that's excellent, thank you! Let me know what the title of your story is and I'll be sure to read and vote for you!


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