Twitter Tuesday~New Agents & More

If you're in search of an agent or plan to be soon then you don't want to miss these tweets! Writer's Digest starts us off with an introduction to a new agent at Writers House:
@WritersDigest New lit agent seeks kids books, adult fiction, memoir and more: Stephen Barr of Writers House

If you're confident that your novel is polished to a high sheen and is ready for a publisher then you don't want to miss this list of publishers who accept unagented submissions that Jolina Joy put together for us:
@Jolina_Joy Publishers That Accept #Writers Without #Agents: (via @BubbleCow) #publishing #pubtip #writing #amwriting #authors #books

Super agent Deirdre Knight of The Knight Agency gives us a rare opportunity for a critique:
@DeidreKnight I'm excited to be on board with Brenda Novak's auction later this year! I'll be auctioning off a couple of critiques.

Writer's Digest points out the frightening fact that the reason we're not getting representation might not be our query letter:
@WritersDigest Stuck on your query letter? Here's one agent's take on how to tell if the problem is your query or (gulp) your story:

Awesome agent Weronika Janczuk introduces us to the new agent at the agency she's with and shares lets us know how her accepted genres are changing:
@WeronikaJanczuk New blog post! D4EO Welcomes New Agent & Expands Kidlit Interests!: I'm excited to share that there's a new age...

The ever helpful editor from Egmont lets us in on how long to wait before nudging an editor:
@EgmontGal Someone asked how long to wait before nudging an editor who has ms?I say 12 weeks, then nudge again 6 later, then move on.Others? #AskYAed

Best of luck to any of you who submit to the new agents listed above! I hope you found these tweets helpful.


  1. Great stuff! Very useful info for writers. Oh and hey - I added a pic of Dimitri and Rose on that post from yesterday because you weren't the only one who liked them!! ;)

  2. Thank you for sharing this information Heather! Your Twitter Tuesday is the most informative! Thank you!

  3. Oh oh oh, I'm going to race off to Lisa's blog. I was one of THOSE people. ;)

    So now all three new agents at DEO4 are accepting kidlit. Makes sense. That and romance is where the money's at.

    Thanks for the great links, Heather!

  4. Lisa, thanks! Yay for Dimitri and Rose! I'm off to check that out!

    Karlene, you're welcome. Thank you!

    Stina, LOL! And yep, D4EO agents all accept kidlit now. I'm excited because they're all awesome agents and it opens up new possibilities!

  5. As always, great links, Heather.

    So much info on twitter Tuesday.


  6. Linda, you're welcome!

    Michael, you're welcome too! Glad I can be a source of good info for you.

  7. Heather, once again you have your finger on the pulse of Twitter. Great list!

  8. Alissa, the pulse of Twitter, I like that! Thanks!

  9. Thanks for the updates (especially since I don't Twitter.)

  10. You're welcome Lydia! I'm always glad to help out my non-Twitter friends!

  11. As ever, click-click-click. Thanks for the links, and yay for the D4EO Mg expansion! (And sorry I'm scarce right now, on holiday.)

  12. Thanks so much for collecting these great tweets for us! :)

  13. Amie, no worries, enjoy your holiday! I'm glad I could help out by catching these for you!

    Shari, your very welcome. Thank you for stopping by!

  14. More great links - thank you, Heather!

  15. Ooh, my fingers are itching to start clicking! Thanks as always Heather, I love this post!

  16. Talli, you're welcome!

    Lindsey, awesome! Thank you. :)

  17. Heather, as usual, your twitter links are great. Thanks so much for gathering them for us.

  18. You're welcome Julie! You know me, I love to help. :)

  19. Heather! I've missed reading your blog so much! Thanks as always for these amazing finds in the Twitterverse. I don't know how you do it. You're like a Twitter ninja of awesomeness.

  20. I've missed you too Shayda! But I know hoe life gets busy at times. A ninja huh?! I like that!


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