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First I have to welcome all my new followers. I'm blown away by the success of Carol's blog party and am touched by how many people are joining in. You peeps rock! I hope to keep my new followers well entertained and informed. Back to regularly scheduled programming :) It was a good week on Twitter for anyone who is looking for an agent! Don't worry if you missed it though, I've got you covered. This first one is a great workshop mentioned by agent Vickie Motter:
@Vickie_Motter Announcing a Monthly First Five Pages Workshop

One of my new favorite bloggers tweeted this link to help YA Fantasy writers find the right agents:
@YAFantasyGuide Are you a YA Fantasy Writer? Do you know which Agencies will consider your Novel? Here's a Good Place to Start:

If you haven't heard the news about the new agent joining D4EO literary yet, check this out:
@WritersDigest New literary agent seeking young adult and middle grade books: Kristin Miller of D4EO:  #writing #scbwi

The fabulous Shannon Messenger reminds us to mark our calendars for WriteOnCon 2011:
@SW_Messenger Did you see? @WriteOnCon announced the dates for our 2011 conference. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

You don't want to miss this important link tweeted by agent Vickie Motter on book bloggers:
@Vickie_Motter This is why book bloggers are AMAZING. And why you should pay attention to them:

I hope you got in on this contest, it ended yesterday but I thought I'd include the link anyway:
@Vickie_Motter On @KristineAsselin 's blog: a contest! One of the prizes: me! Other prizes: first page critiques!

Agent Natalie Fischer retweeted this advice from Nathan Bransford who gives us a few valuable query tips:
@Natalie_Fischer RT @NathanBransford Your enemies when writing a query: vagueness, braggadocio, "creative" formatting, logorrhea, comps to Twilight.

I hope at least a few of those were helpful to you. If I missed anything great on Twitter last week that you caught let me know or leave me a link.


  1. Heather, Thanks so much for great twitter info. I've been so busy and unable to spend time with twitter. Your Tuesday tweets really help!

  2. More fantastic Tuesday links. Thank you!

  3. Love that link on book bloggers! Talk about inspiring. Would have been here to comment earlier, Heather, but I was busy over on CSC writing about you (and others) for tomorrow's post. Thanks for the links!!

  4. Karlene, you're welcome! I'm glad I could help you out.

    Tallie, you're welcome!

    Linda, it really was! Don't worry about dropping by, I knew you would make it. ;)

  5. Really appreciate these links, Heather. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my post today. Roland

  6. I still feel like I'm always running to catch up with Twitter. Thanks for this run down.

  7. Golden Eagle, you're welcome!

    Roland, you're welcome! I loved your post. You have a way of renewing my faith in the written word. :)

    Terry, I'm glad I could help!

  8. wow this is an amazing list of links. Very helpful. Thanks so much

  9. Hi, I'm dropping in from Carolina's party and following you now. Gosh, you've got a great blog. It's nice to meet you!

  10. Great Twitter round up, as always, Heather. :)


  11. Lynda, you're welcome and thank you!

    Kittie, hi! Thanks for dropping by and for following! It's nice to meet you too.

    Lola, hugs back! Always a pleasure hon!

  12. I love your twitter Tuesdays, Heather. LOL on Nanthan's advice. *runs off to fix query* ;)

  13. Great links this week Heather... especially Kristen Millers.

    I need to get my query together,


  14. Stina, I had to fix mine after reading Nathan's post too! LOL! I love his advice.

    Michael, thank you! Kristen's was excellent!

  15. I try to check in with twitter once in a while and usually find one or two good links, but there's so much other stuff on twitter it's hard to sort through it. I love that you found so many links on one topic! And the topic of agents is one of my faves. Thanks! christy

  16. Christy, I have the people I follow divided into lists. It helps me find industry news nice and easy!


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