Monday's Muse~Spring Time

What do flowers have to do with my work in progress you might be wondering? Well, nothing actually but they have everything to do with my muse. Since it's May the flowers blooming everywhere are inspiring me! And who knows, a few might even work their way into my work in progress. I've finished outlining my new novel (yay!) and this week I'm going to start writing it. It's a young adult steampunk, title to be announced. This one is very different from anything I've written and I'm pretty excited about it.

The read feeding my muse is Paul Of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. I'm a huge fan of the Dune novels, both by this pair and the originals by Frank Herbert. They're not for everyone but if you can handle multiple POV, rich descriptions, and deep intrigue, then they are awesome. Several of my friends' novels will be coming out in the next few months and I'm super excited for them. Look forward to a bunch of fantastic author features coming soon! The first of which will be this Wednesday!

I'm open to suggestions for music to feed my muse on this novel. I have no idea what to listen to for a steampunk novel. Any ideas for me? What inspired you last week?


  1. I have musical tastes that are different from anybody else I know, so my suggestions would probably cause your ears or nose to bleed.

    CREEK MARY'S BLOOD by NIGHTWISH and John Two Hawk fed my muse when writing the end of CREOLE KNIGHTS as Sam McCord is riding the last unicorn through that realm that many call Hell.

    I wish you luck and beauty for your muse this week, Roland

  2. I love the flowers. I remember leaving May day flowers for the neighbors when I was a kid. Do people still do that?

  3. Ooo, a steam punk. Can't wait to hear more about it!

    I'm a softy for classical, and I don't know Mozart and Beethoven have always been my inspiration.

    I love flowers too. Enjoyed this post, Heather.

  4. I can't wait to hear about this one, Heather. I know it will be good. Spring is great for fresh thinking!

  5. Heather.... a beautiful muse for all of us. Yes, "you" and the flowers. I, too, love flowers and their healing and inspiration powers. I looked through my music trying to figure out what would be good mood music for steampunk. When I think of it, I will let you know.
    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Roland, I've never heard of them. Thanks for the link, I'll check them out!

    Portia, I don't think they do anymore but I remember doing it as a kid too!

    Lorelei, I'm excited to be writing a steampunk! Sci-fi has always been one of my favorite genres. Classical, excellent choice!

  7. Linda, I'm excited to start working on it! It's completely different from what I just finished which is going to be fun.

    Karlene, aw thanks! I look forward to your music suggestions!

  8. WOW talk about prolific. You finish one and BOOM you are on to the next. Good going!!! I like Steampunk, but I don't feel like I know enough to write one, let alone recommend music. :D

  9. Those flowers are gorgeous. That's my muse for today. So pretty. :)

  10. Lisa, lol! Yep, I just can't stop. I did take a two week break though! Steampunk will be an adventure for me too since I'm just starting to dive into it.

    Karen, I'm so happy that I could feed your muse today!

  11. I no nothing about steampunk, so I can't help but holy horses, what a great pic! All those flowers are a great pick me up to those of us still unsure of spring is here or not, lol!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  12. Ooh, good luck on your new WIP! I can't think of good steampunk music. That's a hard one!

  13. Angela, if anything comes to you let me know, lol! Glad you liked the flowers. I thought they were appropriate with Mother's Day and May Day this month. :)

    Lydia, thank you for the good luck! It is a hard music muse to come up with isn't it?!

  14. Beautiful flower pic. Hurry up and write your new book, cuz my son LOVES steampunk!! :-)

  15. Love the flowers. Wish it would warm up in Michigan for more. Can't wait to hear more about your book.

  16. Shannon, awesome! I'm thrilled to hear that he loves steampunk! Yay built in audience!

    Natalie, thank you! So sorry that Michigan is still chilly. If it's any consolation with spring here comes high winds.

  17. Ditto on Lisa's comment! You're amazing, I mean to finish an ms, and boom, jump next to the other? That's plain awesome.
    I love the pic. I wanted to smell them, lol!

  18. I can't wait for flowers here, either - we got some daffodils and tulips to pop up Easter week, but we're back to 30-degree temps for the past week+ - so thanks for the pic!

    Good luck with the new book - I know NOTHING about steampunk, it sounds challenging!

  19. Heather, I am very impressed. You just finished your final edits on you last novel and now you're about to delve into a whole new world.

    All the best.

    A-Z challenge nearly killed me. it took away a month of editing I need to do for my second novel. Now I can finally get back to it. I have several CP'S waiting for it. I need to get moving on this.

  20. Monica, I don't know about awesome, maybe neurotic?! LOL! While I'm editing one the next starts fighting for my attention. That's what happens when one takes a hiatus of several years I guess. :)

    Erica, back UP to 30 degrees?! My goodness girl where do you live?

    Michael, thank you! I did take a short two week break. :) New worlds are always fighting for my attention. I loved your A-Z challenge, excellent work!


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