Twitter Tuesday~Agent & Editor Advice

Twitter was hopping with great advice and tweets for writers this week. I could hardly keep up with it all! Check out what an editor of Kensington books had to say about receiving an offer from a publisher:
@meganrecords Don't be coy if you have an offer. Don't simply inquire about status at other pubs, TELL THEM YOU HAVE AN OFFER. (cont) #pubtip
@meganrecords Will try to get to it quickly if you tell us. Otherwise, you'll wait your turn like everyone else. And don't lie to get faster read. #pubtip

Agent Mandy Hubbard was kind enough to let us know what trends she has been seeing in her inbox:
@MandyHubbard Today's trends: Dystopias, Angels, Dream worlds or living in dreams/meeting boy of your dreams IN a dream. #queries

Chuck Sambuchino from Writer's Digest shares some very encouraging words:
@ChuckSambuchino Wrote a guest column for @RachelleGardner today: You Can Write for Love AND Money

This is a different genre from last month's contest so be sure to check it out if you write YA. You could win a critique from an agent who just might like your work enough to consider representing you:
@WritersDigest Free contest for YA writers!! -- judged by lit agent Tamar Rydzinski of Laura Dail Literary:

This post is a must read if you have questions about contracts, copyright, or legal issues, which most of us do! I definitely learned a thing or two.
@ WritersDigest Have questions about contracts, copyright or legal issues? Amy Cook reveals all

The fabulous new agent Weronika Janczuk sheds light on questions in the literary world with her new blog feature *Ask Weronika*. If you're not following this lady, you should be!
@WeronikaJanczuk New blog post! *Ask Weronika* -- Picture/MG/YA Books & Me: Jennifer asked:I was wondering if you represent childre...

Non Twitter peeps let me know if these were helpful! Twitter peeps, let me know if I missed anything else great!


  1. Thanks as always Heather. Three of those I want to check out right away! I love that you're so generous! Have a great week. :)

  2. I'm glad I could come up with a few helpful links for you DL! If you're entering the contest, best of luck!

  3. These are awesome links, thank you so much!

  4. Awesome list! I missed many of these, but now I feel caught up :-)

    Happy Tuesday!


  5. Heather, I am a twitter tweep... and they were helpful to me! As you know, I switch between flying and writing blogs, so you help me so much keeping in touch with the incredible people in the writing world. Thank you!

  6. Great list, as always, Heather. As a non-tweeter, I especially appreciate this digest you offer. Thanks! (I WILL become a tweeter. I Will)

  7. You're welcome Lydia, and Portia! I'm glad I included a few you missed Portia!

    Thank you Shannon. :)

  8. You're welcome Karlene and Linda! I'm glad I could help both Twitter and non-Twitter peeps!

  9. Again, great links. I'm off to explore them.

  10. Thanks, Heather! I'm still trying to figure twitter out. LOL These were awesome! :)

  11. I love, love, love Ms. Janczuk's site! She's absolutely my "dream agent". :)

    Great list, Heather.

  12. You're welcome Melissa! Don't worry, it takes a little while to figure Twitter out.

  13. She's pretty fantastic isn't she Bethany? I hope you've submitted to her!


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