Channeler's Cause

A portion of the proceeds from all three novels in the channeler series (The Secret of Spruce Knoll, Channeler’s Choice, Rise of the Rector) will go toward a new, fantastic charity. Some of you may have heard of it (say maybe the Vampire Diaries fans among you). It is the IS Foundation which stands for Ian Somerhalder Foundation (yep, the very one from Vampire Diaries)! I’m incredibly excited to be giving to this amazing charity because they do so much for not only animals, but the youth and the environment.

Since you, my friends and fans, will in essence be helping me help this charity by purchasing my books I will start giving you quarterly updates here on the blog that report how much we’ve raised together. The beauty of the Channeler’s Cause is that it is open-ended, meaning there is no deadline or cutoff. Compass Press plans to donate a portion of the profits indefinitely, reassessing the success rate of the cause each year, and likely continuing for years to come.

Support the cause by purchasing a copy of The Secret of Spruce Knoll (B&N, Amazon), Channeler's Choice (B&N, Amazon), or Rise of a Rector (click on the title to pre-order in paperback or hardback).


  1. Awesome! I spread the word for you. I'd love Channeler's Cause.

  2. Great cause Heather! I would love to win Channeler's cause.


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