Teaser Tuesday~Hard Truths

Today's teaser is from The Secret Of Spruce Knoll: A Channeler Novel.

A staggering relief bubbled through Eren. She launched to her feet and straight into his arms. False hope held no hooks in her heart, though. As much as she wanted to hear it, she knew he wasn't going to tell her it had all been a mistake or a joke. The blue energy that had leaked out of her and threatened to make her explode had not been a hallucination.

Okay, your turn. Leave me an excerpt of something you're working on, something from a book you've wrote, or are reading. Don't have an excerpt? Then just let me know what you thought of mine.


  1. Oh, this was good, Heather...

    I've just posted my teaser from my WIP, at Muse... you know where I live (^;

  2. Blue energy? Makes me want to read on.

    My excerpt is short - the quotation that begins the sequel to THE LAST SHAMAN :

    And the place which may seem like the end
    may also be the beginning."
    - Wolf Howl

  3. Great excerpt. Sounds like a moment of discovery for Eren.

  4. It's lovely and an exciting part of your novel. I wish had something to share. But I'm at work and decided to take a break and read your blog.

  5. It sounds like she has powers! And dangerous ones, at that.

    Great teaser!

  6. Lorelei, I'm off to check it out right now!

    Roland, that's beautiful, I love it!

    Angela, thank you. It definitely is!

  7. Lin, thank you, on both counts!

    Golden Eagle, she definitely does!

  8. I'm not sure I've heard of this. I'm going to check it out. Thanks!!

    Here's mine:

  9. Intriguing excerpt! I'd love to read more.

  10. Here's mine :)
    “The engineering lab? Why are we going there. What are you dragging me into this time, Imad?” Kasim asked. He had lost the edge in his voice as he swayed on his hands and knees. His body fell against the access wall.
    “There should have been a vent grid here to let us into the chamber that holds the graviton field generators.” Imad said.
    “Oh God, please tell me you were not going to tamper with the artificial gravity on the ship? Imad are you crazy!” he said. “Imad?” he called again. But this time his friend did not answer. Imad lay in a heap in front of him. “Imad?” Kasim tried to shake him but his body was limp.

  11. Ooh, I'm curious about the blue energy. Great teaser!

    Here's mine from my new book, Embrace:

    Isaac stood and offered me a hand. I looked up at him and noticed the glint of doubt in his eyes and how rigid his body was. It all but confirmed that, even as I let him pull me up to my feet, I was setting myself up to fall.


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