Monday's Muse And Tour Stops

There is so much wonderful stuff going on this week that I hardly know where to start. For those looking for my Spruce Knoll for Endangered Species tour stops, I'm over at my author buddy Danyelle Leafy's blog chatting about snow leopard, and on my critique sisters blog with Linda chatting about ring-tailed lemurs. Remember, both tour stops are an opportunity to gain another point/entry so I hope you'll stop by! Then don't forget to come back here and click on the tour/giveaway button on the right sidebar to enter.

The books and coffee photo is my inspiration as I'm doing my first unofficial author appearance and signing this coming weekend! I'm attending the Women's National Book Association (Seattle chapter) Christmas party this coming Saturday with my critique sisters, then I'll be off to Tully's coffee shop for a meet and great (the unofficial appearance and signing) with a few friends in Seattle. If you are in the Seattle area this coming Saturday around 3:00pm, stop in at Tully's coffee shop and say hi! I will have a few copies of my book on hand and of course some swag to give away. Go here for the official announcement and address (it's the one on Western Avenue).

My final exciting announcement is that today is the release day for my friend Magan Vernon's novel, How To Date An Alien. If that title doesn't make you want to read it, this great cover will:
I hope you'll join me in celebrating with Magan and stop by her website to congratulate her. When you stop by her site be sure to click on her blog link and enter her fantastic giveaway. An eBook version of The Secret Of Spruce Knoll: A Channeler Novel is among the many prizes!


  1. I haven't heard of the Seattle chapter. Have a fun Christmas party!

  2. I wish I was going to be in Seattle! My sister lives there. Maybe I'll send her in my place! :-)

  3. Congrats to Magan on her debut!
    I have to admit, that is a cute cover :-)

  4. Loving all the good news, Heather!

  5. Yay, can't wait to see you this weekend, Heather!
    LOVE that cover on Magan's book, btw. You're right, it draws you right in.

  6. Oooh I heard about this book before! It might have even been here. I love the cover.

  7. How to Date an Alien does have a very cute cover.

  8. That cover draws you right in - Linda is right. Looking forward to our interview tomorrow at Mesmer's. Bring your pepper spray. Just saying. Wink. LOL.

  9. Yay! looking forward to seeing you on sat!!!

  10. Off to check out your tour stops. And I do so want to read her book based on the title! Congrats to you both...and wow! a signing! Have a blast! I wish I wasn't so very far away from Seattle! christy

  11. That title is hilarious. :D

    Good luck with the book signing. Let us know how it goes.

  12. Heather, we are so excited for you to join us in Seattle and have a book signing! It will be a fun party for sure! Now off to read Critique Sisters!

  13. My my, you are a busy lady :)


  14. Oh, first signing!!! How very exciting! And How To Date An Alien...a whole lot of yes.

  15. What a fantastic title and cover! Sometimes I think I'm married to an alien, never mind dating! :)

  16. Cozy, should be! :)

    E.R., they're fairly new I believe. And thanks!

    Shannon, I wish you lived closer. :( But you should totally send your sister!

    Angela, it definitely is isn't it?!

  17. Tina, thank you! And more coming next week. ;)

    Linda, I can hardly wait!

    Lisa, lol! I would believe that coming from you. ;)

    Theresa, I agree!

  18. Roland, uh oh! Sounds like my kind of fun. ;)

    Saba, I can hardly wait to meet you in person!

    Christy, I wish you were closer to! Thanks. :)

    Stina, we'll take pictures for you!

  19. Karlene, I'm super excited too! It's been far too long since we visited.

    Donna, that I am!

    Christa, exciting, nerve-wracking, pulling my hair out trying not to forget anything... :)

    Talli, lol! That's too funny. I joke with my hubby about that too!


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