For writers: A little secret about agents. . .

Okay, so it's probably not much of a secret, I probably just took way too long to figure it out. But, since I did I should point it out. A friend of mine told me she found her agent by reading her blogs. I suddenly felt terrible. Here I'd been blindly submitting to anyone and everyone with an e-mail or physical address, not really finding out much about them at all. Mistake!

My friend sent a VERY casual e-mail to this agent and got picked up by her immediately. I asked her how on earth she could have impressed an agent with such a non-chalant query. It was because she got to know the agent by reading her blog. She figured out what that agent liked not only in a book, but in a writer, and in a query.

Now that I've started reading agent's blogs I've realized there is a load of information out there about the agents themselves. And, as we all know, it is much easier to contact someone once you know a bit about them. More importantly, this way it is easier to figure out if you're book will be right for them and if you will mesh well with them. Not every agent does it, but I highly recommend looking into those who do. They tend to be the one's who are really scouting for new talent and want to help them out. Best of luck!


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