Grendar's Tale

Being the most advanced species in the world isn't all its cracked up to be. All that knowledge and power comes with enough responsibility to weigh heavy even on a dragon's mighty shoulders. Don't get me wrong, the Dragon Emperors handle all the really big decisions and are responsible for keeping peace between all the races. However, even a lowly emerald dragon like myself feels the weight of such things.

Our society is carefully balanced and maintained by twelve emperors, one for each type of dragon. We live almost exclusively in the Dragon Isles located at the top of the world. It isn't because we don't want to live among the races of people, it's because we want them to be able to evolve without our interference. You see, we weren't always so advanced.

I probably shouldn't tell you this but there was a time when dragons were very savage. There was a war, one which nearly wiped out all the races of people. We made them forget, not because we didn't want to be known as monsters, but because it was the only way to keep peace. I don't necessarily agree with them having done that but that was over a thousand years ago, long before my time.

Now we're having trouble with some of the dragons that choose to live outside the Dragon Isles and with those who are banished. They're doing terrible things, reverting back to their savage natures. But there is good news. The Empire is changing for the better and my generation is a big part of why.


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