No More Nails

Nope, I've chewed them all off. This fantastic agent out of San Francisco (yes, great agents can come from somewhere besides New York!) has asked to read my entire young adult manuscript. I can't decide if I should throw up first or do a happy dance. Really it's just the first step in the courtship so to speak so I'm trying not to get too excited yet but it's hard because she's really great! Having read only a synopsis and five pages there is still a chance that she could pass. Maybe I'll just hold my breath until I pass out then I can at least sleep for a while. ;) Not just her, her agency is fantastic, her clients are fantastic and she likes my story, my story! Okay the hyperventilating had begun. Sorry folks, I'm too excited to impart any words of wisdom today.

The good news is I'll be drug back down to earth soon because she said she's hoping to have it read by mid-July. Those of you who've submitted know that's a pretty short time frame to wait for a response on someone reading your whole manuscript. Think happy thoughts for me!


  1. Okay. . .thinking happy thoughts. Don't forget about your buds @ A.N.!

    Keep us posted. I'm so excited for you!

  2. Thanks so much. I could never forget about you guys. Authornation is the bomb!


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