Monday's Muse ~ Double Whammy

There's a reason art and arcitecture sound so much alike. This amazing picture inspired dimensions and elements I hadn't planned for my latest chapter. Elements that, once inserted, felt like they should have been there all along. This is part of why I like to travel so much, it opens up possibilities you might never have thought of if you hadn't experienced something, or seen a certain place or person.

It was a busy week for me. I pumped out two chapters and started on the next. The inspiration just couldn't be held back. Unfortunately I'm nearing completion of Hunter's Moon and whenever I'm close to the end of a book, I just can't stop writing. I've fallen in love with this series and it's characters and it won't be easy to finish it and move on. It started out as a simple little idea for a book that began growing when I was younger than its main character. I'm glad I waited to write the series because now its developed into something more amazing and indepth than I imagined it would be.


  1. Isn’t that a great feeling to have with your characters? I love mine, even the ones I hate. I know that no matter what happens I’ll still love them and the series. Whether I receive great reviews, bad, or none at all I’m very happy with it/them.
    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has held onto their stories in their imagination for so long. It’s just amazing to me how they grow just like "real" people.
    That top picture is remarkable. Where is it? And from what time period?
    Congratulations on getting near the end. Hopefully you’ll be able to get some sleep in-between the driving urges to write.
    Sarah Winters

  2. It is great. Love for my characters is what keeps me writing and enjoying their worlds.
    I'm so excited for you that your book is on Amazon now! Fingers crossed for great reviews. The top picture is of a Tibetan Monestry, fantastic isn't it? Sleep, what's that? :)

  3. I also love the pic of the Tibetan Monastery. I can see how this would inspire you. Congrats on your chapters, I love a productive week!


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