Twitter Tuesday~Kami Garcia

One of the main reasons I love Twitter is because I can connect with other writers who are at the same stage in their careers as I am. Sharing this journey is priceless. But I also love finding debut authors who are one step ahead of me. Hey, I like to live vicariously while I'm waiting for that big sale!

Kami Garcia found me and I remember looking at her page and loving what I read. I followed her back immediately. I'm so glad I did because otherwise I might have missed out on an amazing book. Though I'm pretty sure some of the great gals I follow would have steered me toward it eventually.

As you may know from my previous ravings about her, Kami is one of the co-authors of Beautiful Creatures. What you may not know is Kami is a great lady who supports others. You can find her on Twitter at:

Though it was released early, today is the official release of Beautiful Creatures. Happy birthday Beautiful Creatures! I haven't actually got to read much of it yet because it's on my Christmas list, which means my other half won't let me buy it! But, I keep sneaking peeks at it every time we go to the bookstore. I'm up to chapter four! Shh, don't tell.

More great news, Warner Brothers bought the movie rights to Beautiful Creatures! Huge congratulations to Kami and Margaret Stohl! I hope Hollywood moves fast on that production!


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