Writing: The Wait

Second only to writing, waiting is what we writers do best. But at times we get discouraged, and yes, even scared. Waiting and hoping for someone to love what you do is a lot like torture. Do you watch any of the shows like American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance? I'm addicted to the last one. Phenomenal talent there. But back on track. The reason I love watching those shows is because I get to see someone living their dream. Every time someone gets voted off SYTYCD I tear up. Can't help it. It touches me so deeply because I have a dream just as powerful as theirs and I'm waiting for that 'vote' so to speak, as are many writers.

This last week a tweep of mine (twitter people for you non-Twitterers) got really discouraged by the wait. She's at the same stage I am, the editor submission stage. It's almost scarier than the agent submission stage. Almost. At least once you land an agent you feel a bit vindicated because someone liked your writing well enough to believe in you. But the editor submitting is still hard. That's when it all comes down to whether or not people think they can sell your book. It's a very stressful time but that's when we need to put our faith in our agents. They believed in us and now it's our turn to believe in them.

A friend of a friend's recently got discouraged at the agent submission stage. I've been there, believe me. My first round of agent hunting was long and arduous. It makes you start to question yourself. How many no's do you take before you give up? You don't. Keep improving your writing and your manuscript, keep trying. Believe in yourself and want it bad enough, and you will get there. When you have your dark times, and you will, seek out great people like I've found on Twitter. They'll help get you through the wait and make the whole process that much more rewarding. Enjoy the journey, not just the destination.


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