My 2010 Writer's Resolutions

It's that time of year again. I have to admit, the thought of looking over this last year's resolutions to see how I did kind of makes me cringe. I know I didn't meet them all but that's okay. As long as I met a few of them then I have accomplished something. Let's rip the band aid off shall we? Here are my resolutions for last year:

1. Continue to build my author platform. I'll do so by continuing to meet great writers and people who love books, like those I've met on Twitter! I'll also attend whatever conferences & retreats I can.
Accomplished! My blog followers have grown more than I could have anticipated (I love you all!) and I've made many wonderful friends through blogging, Twitter, and Scribblerati.

2. Write three books this year. This could be thrown for a loop if/when my novel gets picked up and I have to work on edits, but until then I'll focus on these three new books.
Accomplished! I wrote (and edited, yes really!) Sanctity Of A Society, The Trouble With The Dragon Empire, and The First Dragonwatcher.

3. Rewrite the first fantasy trilogy I ever wrote and submit it to my agent. This could be thrown off course by the event mentioned in #2 as well. In which case, I won't complain!
Failed. I haven't got around to this yet. But that's okay because some wonderful ideas for it have been percolating.

4. Keep hitting the treadmill every week. I know it's cliché but as a writer I spend a lot of time on my bum. Unfortunately my 'day' job is the same. Gotta stay healthy!
Accomplished! And I bought an elliptical machine. I've been alternating between the two. I haven't lost any weight but I haven't gained any either and I have built a lot of muscle.

5. Continue to improve my writing. Really, this should be #1, it's that important. But, it's also something I plan to do while doing the other resolutions, so that's why it fell at #5
Accomplished! I attended a writers' workshop with bestselling thriller author William Bernhardt and a workshop with the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. I also read several of Noah Lukeman and Donald Maass' books on writing.

Four out of five isn't bad. I'm going to have to consider that a very successful year. Did you make any resolutions in 2010? If so how did you do on meeting them?


  1. Congrats Heather,

    You did a lot better than I did. I still have the pesky twenty pounds. I still don't have an agent. That takes time, I know. But main focus did come true, I have a blog, met wonderful writers, and have greatly improved in my writing. So overall, 2010 wasn't such a bad year.

    My resolutions are the same of 2011, let's hope I can have the first two come through with the others. lol

    Good luck in the coming year.


    BTW... I have a new design tip today...

  2. Awesome! You did so much better than me. Then again my list was horribly unrealistic and some of it was out of my hands *sigh* I now know what I need to put in my writing resolutions for next year.

  3. That's the way to look at it Michael, see the positive! You have a wonderful blog and great friends. I'll be sure to stop by today to check out your tips!

  4. Don't feel bad Nicole, when we reach for the stars we at least touch the sky.

  5. I don't really make resolutions...but I'm happy with what I accomplished this year! Good for you for accomplishing so many of YOUR goals! That's awesome :)

  6. Congrats, look like you did a great job! :)

  7. Sounds like a fantastic year, Heather! You should be proud of yourself.

  8. That's the important thing Kari, to be happy with your accomplishments. Congrats! And thank you!

    Thanks Roni and Talli! :) I'm very happy with my progress and hope you are with yours as well.

  9. Kudos to you! I haven't even dug out my 2010 resolutions yet...a little nervous

  10. Look at you! Way to go. I don't really set resolutions, because I usually fail after 6 weeks. No lie.

  11. Thanks Elle! Don't worry I bet you did great.

  12. Wow, way to go Heather! You deserve a big pat on the back!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  13. LOL! I find that hard to believe Elana! You seem so wonderfully driven!

  14. Looks like a year of accomplishments to me, Heather!! Good job. :-)

  15. Thanks Shannon! You've been a big inspiration!

  16. Great work! Congrats, epecially on writing three books this year. Very impressive.

  17. Wow, Heather. I'm still reeling from the three books in a year. You rock!

    I'm really glad that you accomplished #1 because we would have never met on Twitter. :)

    I'm not good with resolutions. I did want to be get better at writing like you -- and I think I did accomplish that. My novel project is definitely stronger than it was in January.

    I feel that are GREAT things in store for you in 2011.

  18. Wow - good for you! I didn't set resolutions, but I am proud that I did a huge revise, started (and stopped, but that's another story) querying, joined an awesome critique group, has a super time at writeoncon, met christy and started blogging, and had a few bright, shiny ideas - one of which has turned into a WIP. And, unrelated, lost 12 pounds.

    Hmm, thanks, Heather - 2010 has been a good year, I just didn't notice it!

  19. This is very cool; you've done so much this year!

    I didn't have any writer resolutions, but for 2011, I'd like an agent and a sweet book deal.

    And a pony. ;)

    No, seriously, though. I would love to be agented sometime next year. Sometime THIS year would be great, too, but we've only got a few days left, know.

    I want to hear your goals for 2011, too!

  20. You definitely deserve to celebrate those accomplishments, Heather! Very impressive.

    2011 is just around the corner. Yikes! I mean, Oh Boy! I mean that--it's gonna be a good year.

  21. Awesome! Congratulations! :) I don't even want to look back at my list. I think I changed it several times as the months went by. LOL Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.

  22. Congrats, Heather! That's quite a list that you accomplished! I didn't do nearly as well this year, but I did get some stuff accomplished, so I guess that's better than none. And of course, there's always next year!

    Thanks for the inspiration to get moving on my own goals!

  23. Thank you Lorel! The three books is probably what I am the most happy about. They were my biggest goal!

    Karen, I'm so glad I accomplished #1 and got to meet you to! I'm certain your work has improved. You have a wonderful way of finding the positive in the negative!

  24. Wow Erica that's fantastic! It's amazing what we realize when we stop and look at what we've accomplished.

    Shayda those are excellent goals! And you can come ride my pony. They're cheepier if you borrow someone else's! I'll post my 2011 goals next month, thanks for the reminder!

  25. Thanks Linda, and your right, it's going to be a great year!

    Melissa, that's okay, goals should change with our needs. I bet you accomplished a lot!

    Thanks Jamie! And don't sell yourself short, any progress is good progress!

  26. That is one serious list. I'd been happy to accomplish just one of them! Congratulations, Heather, and here's hoping that 2011 is just as productive. Cheers! :D

  27. Damn, Heather! I consider this a raging success of a year for you.
    3 books written AND edited in one year??? Dude. CONGRATS!

    (why oh why am I such a slow reviser? why do I fester fester fester over every detail of my manuscripts?)

    My treadmill has a nice layer of dust. *sigh* But, I am putting it at #1 for 2011. There, I said it and made you a promise. And I never break a promise. It's not even that I've gained a few pounds this year...I carry the curves okay, but the cardio/health factor is not okay.

    Well done, Heather. *claps and bows down*

    Love and hugs,

  28. Thank you Brenda! My main goal next year is a big one so we shall see...

  29. Thanks Lola, now that you put it that way, it really was a successful year despite the hardships. Revising was really hard for me until I came up with my new method. I'll hold you to your resolutions if you hold me to mine! I'll be posting them soon!


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