Twitter Tuesday~Agent & Publishing Advice

Interested in being a marketing intern for a fantastic literary agency? Then you don't want to miss this link by agent Weronika Janczuk:
@WeronikaJanczuk Mary Kole of Andrea Brown (@kid_lit) is looking for a marketing intern:  *Awesome* opportunity for anyone qualified!

If you write young adult you don't want to miss this tweet by The Knight Agency about the YA imprints:
@KnightAgency Overview of new YA imprints: "Today's YA Scene: New Players, Innovative Directions, Fresh Voices" @publisherswkly

Here is great news from literary agent Ginger Clark about a new sci-fi/fantasy/horror imprint at Quercus! But sorry peeps, they won't be accepting unsolicited manuscripts.
@Ginger_Clark Fantastic news about Jo Fletcher opening her own SF/F/H imprint at Quercus. Imagine that--a new SF/F/H imprint! Hurray!

Fellow writer and friend Roni Loren did a great post on things not to do on Twitter. If you're on Twitter or you're thinking about getting on it then you have to read this!
@RoniLoren Twelve Ways To Scare Away Twitter Followers - What are some of your pet peeves?

Author Elizabeth Craig reminds us that there is more than one way to get published and gives hope to those who are having trouble finding an agent:
@elizabethscraig Can't find an agent? Go to Plan B:

Jennifer Shirk gives a great list of some of the best agents on Twitter. I added a few of my own favorites to the list and re-tweeted her!
@HeatherMcCorkle I would add @NepheleTempest @DeidreKnight & @KnightAgency RT @JenniferShirk Best Literary Agents on Twitter-GalleyCat

Here is another great tweet from Jennifer on what writers should do before their book releases:
@JenniferShirk Guide to Literary Agents - 5 Things Writers Should Do BEFORE Release Day


  1. Great Twitter links! Thank you, Heather.

  2. LOL! Don't get carpotunnel Elana!

  3. Heather, there are so many here that I didn't see on Twitter. Thank you!

  4. First of all, this is an AWESOME feature.

    Second, I realized that after about five consecutive weeks of posting at nearly the exact same time on Jill's blog, we're brain twins. Which is awesome.


  5. I'm glad I could catch a few for you Julie!

  6. That IS awesome Shayda! Thank you so much!

  7. For those of us who don't twitter, this is SO great! THanks! Please keep doing this!

  8. What a great feature! Thanks! I don't have a Twitter so I love when kind people like you share great tweets. Also, I just noticed now that I wasn't a follower. Now that's remedied!

    Have a great night!

  9. You're very welcome Lydia. No worries, since so many people are helped by it I'll keep up Twitter Tuesdays!

  10. Thank you so much Jackee! It's great to have you along!

  11. Heather, These are great! Thank you so much for sharing them.

  12. Wonderful links, as usual, Heather. Thanks! I especially loved the Elizabeth Craig post on Plan B for finding a publisher and an agent, maybe in that order.

  13. You're welcome Karlene and Linda!

    Elizabeth's post was really inspiring wasn't it Linda? I love her outlook on plan B.

  14. These are great! I'm still trying hard to figure twitter out and really appreciate your posts! Thanks for making my life a bit easier. LOL :)

  15. You're welcone Melissa. I'm so glad I could help!


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