Tuesday Writing Tip~Begin/End

We all know how important the beginning and ending of our novels are. We labor over them until it seems our eyes will bleed. But in doing so we often overlook something that is nearly as important; the beginnings and endings of each chapter. That's right, each chapter.

#WriteTip: Dedicate a good amount of time to the beginning and ending of each chapter. They must build tension, carry the story, and just as importantly, the reader along.

What about you, any good writing tips this week? How much stock do you put into the beginnings and endings of your chapters?


  1. FANTASTIC TIP!!!!!!

  2. As you know, Heather, I put a great deal of thought to this. It helps to keep your readers turning those pages!

    Good post to remind us all how important it is!

    1. You do indeed, part of why I love your writing so much!

  3. I think of the ends of my chapters like the linked bicycle chain that fits into the spoked wheel spinning the bike along. Each chapter end has to fit into the spokes of the whole story, drawing the reader into the next chapter. At night, the tired reader wants to find a spot to stop reading -- our job is not to give it to him or her!!

    The first part of the chapter should make the reader want to read on -- the end should propel the reader into the next chapter! Thanks for visiting my blog just now, Roland


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