Twitter Tuesday~Giveaways Galore

I have a lot of fun links for you today, tons of books to win and bit of great advice thrown in for good measure. This first one is a giveaway of a great book you don't want to miss:
@HeatherMcCorkle Want to win A Touch Of Frost by Jennifer Estep? Enter here: Giveaway by @DarkFaerieTales

Agent Weronika Janczuk brings us this tweet from agent Kelly Sonack about a career in publishing:
@KSonnack by WeronikaJanczuk  Great blog post by @literaticat on the path to a career in publishing and GREAT comments from everyone:
Looking for a good adult urban fantasy novel to win? Look no further: 
@HeatherMcCorkle Love urban fantasy? Then be sure to enter to win a book by Kelly Meding: brought to us by @DarkFaerieTales

Fine Print Literary bring us this tweet by Delilah Dawson about an available literary internship:
@FinePrintLit by DelilahSDawson  We are now accepting applications for our Fall 2011 internship! Please retweet!
Looking for another good adult urban fantasy novel to win? Look no further: 
@HeatherMcCorkle Enter to win a novel by Erica Hayes: Cause who can resist gangster fairies?! Via @DarkFaerieTales #writing #WritersRoad
How about a great young adult fantasy novel to win: 
@HeatherMcCorkle Win one of Andrea Cremer's novels: And learn more about her character with this fun giveaway via @DarkFaerieTales
My very first author interview, and it's on one of my favorite author's sites (cue fangirl squeal): 
@judithgraves Featured author interview with @HeatherMcCorkle and her YA fantasy debut SECRET OF SPRUCE KNOLL on my blog today:
An SCBWI you tube interview with agent Jill Corcoran: 
@JillCorcoran Jill Corcoran Books: SCBWI YOUTUBE INTERVIEW WITH ME:)…
Here's another intriguing sounding adult urban fantasy to win:  
@HeatherMcCorkle Body of Sin by Eve Silver: "Egyptian mythology, action, adventure and sizzling romance." Enter to win:
This is one short story you've got to read! It will leave you wanting the novel, trust me! 
@HeatherMcCorkle Read a haunting tale of Bluebeard's brides and enter to win a copy of Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey:
Agent Ginger Clark gives us a bit of sage advice: 
@Ginger_Clark Authors: please read and know and respect the field or genre you're writing in. 

Another great giveaway brought to us courtesy of the fabulous book blogger Dark Faerie Tales (which if you aren't following her blog, you should be!):  
@HeatherMcCorkle Want to win a novel that's a mixture of dystopian and paranormal? I know I do! Enter here: from @DarkFaerieTales
Here's a book giveaway of one of my favorite adult paranormal novels! 
@HeatherMcCorkle Enter to win a copy of @Kristiecookauth 's novels! cause they rock and you WANT them. ;) #WritersRoad #writing 

Best of luck to all of you in the giveaways! The second stop on my Tour Of Secrets is over on Flight To Success today. Check it out to rack up more points for the giveaway. Remember to come back and enter on my link on the right sidebar though! 


  1. Thanks for the links, Heather! I've been away from blogging for a while and I have a lot of catching up to do:)

  2. I always look forward to reading your Tuesday posts, even in my oven of an apartment. I'm heading to your interview now, Roland

  3. Wow! That's a lot of giveaways....

    Thanks for all the links Heather.

  4. Melissa, you're welcome! Glad I could help.

    Roland, thank you that's so sweet!

    Michael, it is! I thought you peeps could use a a few giveaways. ;)

  5. Thank you for that list. And how lovely that the word is getting out about your book!

  6. Thanks for a great list, Heather! So exciting about Spruce Knoll!

  7. Hi Heather. What a lot of giveaways you found for us. Thanks.


  8. Lin, you're welcome! And thank you!

    Linda, of course, and thanks for your excitement, it makes me excited. :)

    Denise, you're quite welcome! Best of luck with them.

  9. Heather, I almost allowed Tuesday to pass without reading my favorite blog! Thank you for sharing all these great tweets! And so many say @HeatherMcCorkle Nice!

  10. Cick, click, click! Life's so busy right now, I'm relying on you for my fix. And as always, you've come through!

  11. Hooray. Nice round-up. I love when people share good books.

  12. Thanks for summing these contests in your post, Heather!

  13. Karlene, I knew you'd come by when you could. ;)

    Amie, always glad to help!

    Laura, you're welcome!

  14. Christa, me too! Spreading the book love is the best. :)

    Aik, you're very welcome!


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