Twitter Tuesday~Query Tips, Conferences, And Contests

Amidst the craziness of debuting I managed to snag a few great tweets for you. Here is one from my writer friend Tori Scott about Amazon entering the publishing realm:
@ToriScott All Eyes on Amazon Publishing: #writetip

Agent Vickie Motter brings a great opportunity to our attention:
@Vickie_Motter RT: Inaugural Seattle Publishing Salon for Writers:

Agent Sarah LaPolla gives us a bit of query advice:
@sarahlapolla Writers, stop sending pre-queries & "Do you rep this?" emails. They waste everyone's time. Just query. Worst that happens is it's a no.

Writer Monica B.W. announces another agent-judged contest on her blog!
@Monica_BW Psst, Tweeps, by the end of the month I'm having another agent-judged contest on my blog!! Details + interview coming next Monday! :D

Jane Friedman of Writer's Digest gives us valuable highlights from the Willamette Writers Conference:
@JaneFriedman 3 invaluable takeaways for writers from the Willamette Writers Conference: #wwcon11

Agent Sarah LaPolla gives us fair warning:
@sarahlapolla Writers: Please check sites like Absolute Write and Writer's Beware before signing with an agent. I've been seeing some awful, scary things.

And of course I bring you another great book giveaway (okay it's not from me, it's from Carolina Valdez Miller, cause she rocks!):
@HeatherMcCorkle Enter to win a copy of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer & Possess from @Cvaldezmiller! #WritersRoad #writing

Writer Jolina Joy bring us this tweet of agent advice:
@Jolina_Joy An agent explains what you should bring to a @RachelleGardner @elizabethscraig #writing #amwriting #writetip

Agent Vickie Motter announces the genres she's looking for:
@Vickie_Motter #queries Along with YA fantasy and scifi, I would LOVE a YA romance--good summer sort of read, along the lines of Sarah Dessen

There should be something in there for just about everyone. Enjoy! And let me know if I've missed any great tweets! Today on the Tour Of Secrets you can find me at author Eisley Jacobs blog. Stop by to learn another secret and get more points for the giveaway! I'm also over at the Wolfy Chicks blog with YA authors Kitty Keswick and Judith Graves for an interview on the side!


  1. Wow, you've been so busy, Heather! Thanks for collecting all these links.

  2. Talli is right. You have been busy. Always look forward to Tuesday and your blog post. I just received the hardcover copy of your THE SECRET OF SPRUCE KNOLL! The cover in hardback is beautiful, Roland

  3. You always have the best links!! <3333

  4. Talli, I have! Whew! *wipes brow*

    Roland, wow that's fantastic, thank you so much! I'm glad it looks just as beautiful in hand. :)

    Golden Eagle, you're very welcome!

    Monica, aw, thanks. :)

  5. Love that article on Amazon publishing. It's sort of like watching a soap opera where you're playing a bit part, or hoping to, but the politics might do you in.

  6. Nice job. I have totally been off Twitter this week so thanks for the highlights.

  7. Thank you for excellent tweets! I've missed twitter this week. It's so hard to keep up while on the road. I appreciate you so much!

  8. Thanks for all the great links Heather...

    Off to Eisley's and Wolfies's blogs....


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