Twitter Tuesday~Giveaways, Pitching, Agents

The craziness of organizing a blog tour kept me away from Twitter a lot last week so I'm sorry to say I don't have many links for you. I did find a few though! This first is a chance to win a few great books: 
@HeatherMcCorkle Enter to win three excellent books: from the wonderful @AnneRiley ! #WritersRoad #writing

If you're querying, or plan to be soon, this might help!
@WritersDigest Writer's Digest Read the query that got YA writer @karstenknight his agent. (His book WILDEFIRE comes out today.) via @kid_lit

Another chance to win an excellent book, this one from Catherine Fisher:

@HeatherMcCorkle  Want to win a great book by Catherine Fisher? Of course you do! Giveaway by @DarkFaerieTales

If you're planning on pitching you'll want to read this:

@JaneFriedman  The Basic Pitch Formula for Novelists: [great advice from #mww11]

Agent Marissa Corvisiero makes an exciting new announcement:

@mcorvisiero Marisa A. Corvisiero Welcome to the Literary Powerhouse Consulting page. We are here to help you with any and all of your literary...

Agent Jill Corcoran gives us her take on agents representing self-published authors:

Jane Friedman of Writer's Digest brings us this eye-opining link:
@JaneFriedman The print world ends not with a bang, but with price increase after price increase. Must-read:

At least your fingers won't cramp up from all the clicking this week! If I missed any great tweets let me know. Be sure to check back tomorrow for my tour and giveaway announcement!


  1. That writers digest post is pretty heady. The digital take-over is not far off. Thanks again for the links!

  2. Heather thank you for sharing these great tweets for contests, book tours, and pitching advice, and more. I'm going to go say hi to everyone and tweet it forward!

  3. Hi, Heather! I've missed you. :-)

    You are the queen of great links! And the GONE series is awesome!

  4. Elle, it is isn't it?! So true, it's right around the corner. :(

    Karlene, you're welcome! And thank you!

  5. Shannon, I missed you too! Ah, thanks, the Queen of links, I like that. ;) Yay another GONE fan!

    *^_^*, you're welcome!

  6. My fingers will be plenty busy with this list, Heather, thanks! I'm off to check out the brilliant Jane Friedman . . .right after I say: YOU'RE ABOUT TO LAUNCH YOUR BLOG TOUR! WooHoo!!!

  7. I've heard so many great things about Karsten Knight's book. Thanks for posting the link to his query. :)

  8. Now that I'm on Twitter, I've actually seen some...okay, only one of these Tweets. So glad you have these posts!

  9. Thanks for the tweets Heather.... I should be finished with my final edit soon, so the querying link will definitely come in handy.

  10. Linda, excellent! That's a great link from Jane. And thanks a million for your excitement. :)

    Karen, me too! You're welcome.

    Lydia, glad I found a few for you!

  11. Oooh, some I missed! I'm curious what Jill Corcoran thinks about the agent/e-pub thing. I'm clicky clicking!

  12. Hi Heather!

    Saw your comment on VR's blog and thought I would pop over to check out your site. I am so glad I did! You are obviously one who understands and cares about those who write as their passion. Wow, what great links.

    And congrats on your book deal! You mention all the support you have received. I can only say that it seems to be a classic case of "what goes around comes around."

    My very best to you, and please consider me a new follower.

  13. Julie, it was an interesting post. I'm glad I caught it for you.

    Bryce, thank you so much, that's so very sweet of you. :)


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