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My writing (editing) goals kind of got blown out of the water when I realized I had to add another new chapter to my WIP, and then another, and then another. So three new chapters later I'm back to almost the same page I was at during the beginning of last week. But it was worth it because I have three new chapters that deepen my character development and enhance the plot twists. Yay!

But now it's time to get back into the game and set a write goal for myself for the week. I'm on page 164 of editing my sequel. My goal is to finish the 3rd new chapter, get it entered into the document, then get another 25 pages edited, taking me to page 189. My fingers are crossed that I can pull it off amidst the crazy fun that is my Tour Of Secrets. Speaking of which, today you can find me over at Elizabeth's blog, Liz Writes Books. More points for the contest are to be had over there, and of course another secret. Trust me, you want to know this secret. ;)

So what are your write goals for the week? Did you meet your goals for last week or has summer sucked away all your time (much like me)?


  1. Aaagghh. My goal for the week is to not flip out thinking about what my new editor is going to find in my ms., and TO NOT RE-READ it. Basic rule: when you've sent your work to someone to critique, do NOT look at it again until you hear back from them! So my goal for this week: refocus on my other WIP. Now, off to see your latest secret!

  2. Thanks for the extra motivation, Heather. My goal for this week is to slay 3k by Sunday. Should be challenging as I return to school tomorrow. Summer's over!

  3. Linda, that's a good goal! LOL! Hang in there, it will be so worth it. And yes, NO re-reading!

    Judith, you go girl! That's an awesome goal. Bummer that summer is already over. Where did it go?!

  4. My goal is to write something every evening, no matter how exhausted I am. Your 3 new chapters will had muse-wood to the fire of your novel. I wish you happy prosing! Roland

  5. Good writing goal, Heather. And I've been working on a separate character, and writing his background separately, and will have to ease these in when I pop his character into the WIP. Just trying to fight the impulse to read through the WIP. That's one of my major drawbacks when I do this.

  6. Ugh. I have a VERY love/HATE (emphasis on the hate) relationship with goals!

  7. This week I have no time for writing. It's crazy busy and I'm hoping to do mostly pre-school stuff. Good luck on your goals!

  8. Roland, that's an excellent goal. It doesn't matter how much we write, just that we write. :)

    Lorelei, thanks! Best of luck on your character and keep up the good fight!

    Julie, LOL! I know how you feel.

  9. Summer has definitely sucked away most of my time, but that's because my kids are home.

    I'm trying to finish this round of edits before we leave for vacation this weekend. So I'm bribing my kids. If they let me write a few extra hours a day, they'll get ice cream drumsticks on Friday. My 11 yo was all for it. My 7 yo tried to negotiate for something more. Like a trip to our local amusement park. LOL For that they'll have to let me write an extra eight hours a day. ;)

  10. Lydia, it's that time of year again already! I'm sorry you won't have time for writing but have fun with pre-school stuff!

    Stina, it has a way of doing that! My fingers are crossed for you that your kids take the bribe and you get to finish your edits! LOL, your 7 yo cracks me up!

  11. Even though you may be at the same page number, you have accomplished a lot this week. Three chapters! Impressive.

    As for me, I'm looking at my ending (again) and trying to pace the last third of my book better.

  12. I would love to get this revision pass done, but with both my brother in town and my parents in town...I don't think it will happen. Love summer I do...but it sure kills the writing time. ;)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


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